Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Greet the day with this lovely little bird! This mug by Bebops features a sweet little goldfinch perched on a branch, surrounded by brilliant autumn foliage. He is as small as the leaves of the ash tree and actually blends in to form an abstract composition of red, orange, green, yellow, black and white. The image is repeated on the left and right sides. The center simply says: Good morning. The text can be customized to suit your needs or removed entirely.
Goldfinch and Autumn Leaves mug
Goldfinch and Autumn Leaves by Bebops
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Here's a dramatic design by Fredtography. Emoticon of a vector graphic of the Stress Expression. Bring along this mug to show your emotion to others!

Here's a Happy Birthday Stars mug by Rose Fleur Designs.

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