Saturday, September 18, 2010

This mug by Bebops features small female green frogs with yellow bellies sitting among the grasses at the pond. They seem lonely as if waiting for Prince Charming to appear.

MissPrinteditions has created a fascinating design of a repeating pattern of a violin formed from parts of many instruments.
Composed Violin mug
Composed Violin by missprinteditions
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This lovely mug from MLe Wallpapers offers the gentle slopes of the Appalachian Mountains with a fall coloring, from around Seven Springs resort in Champion, PA. How appropriate for the season!

This mug by Bebops is decorated with the lovely blossoms of an old-fashioned golden yellow rose set against a background of pale yellow. The heavenly scent of this blossom always perfumes the garden.
Yellow Roses Mug mug
Yellow Roses Mug by Bebops
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Designs by Shell has created this great mug to share with others... fun for the office! Pretty swirls of colour and a great message... Smile, It Makes Others Feel Good...

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