Saturday, September 25, 2010

I was walking by the pond yesterday and was blown away by the gorgeous reflections in the water from the autumn leaves. Although fall is just beginning here, the show is definitely underway! Fortunately, I had my camera and got this image which I put on a mug for Bebop's Place.

This mug features a brilliantly colored pond full of rippling autumn reflections in red, yellow, gold, green and blue. The effect is of an impressionist painting.

Red heart outline and deep red lips set the stage for this template coffee mug by Block Quote Products. Let the person in your life know how you feel – “Love You”. Or add your own message. Great gift for that special person in your life. Original digital vector art.

This poignant mug by cky128 is really special. The Twin Towers are surrounded by the the message: Never Forget Nine Eleven.

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