Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This mug available from Bebop's Place paints a picture of a peaceful planet. It's twilight and all is quiet. The luminous sky is a palette of indigo, blue, pink, yellow and red. Pine trees are silhouetted against the sunset colors. A tiny sliver of moon way up in the sky looks down on the scene. The image is repeated on the right and left sides. The center simply reads: Peace on Earth. The text can be customized to suit your needs or deleted entirely.
Sunset Moon mug
Sunset Moon by Bebops
ceramic mugs made online at zazzle.com

A very cool abstract design in aqua, red, and black looks great on this mug by Lori, The Hopeful Romantic.

What a way to travel! This travel/commuter mug by palmsrick has three different color images of a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

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  1. Wow... what a great selection of mugs... they would all make wonderful gifts! Thanks for featuring one of mine! :-)