Saturday, November 13, 2010

This mug which is available at Bebop's Place is decorated with a Red-breasted Nuthatch who looks like he is taking charge! He is a very small bird with a rust colored breast, blue-gray back and a black eye stripe. His head and beak are very large in proportion to his body.

Until you've had your morning coffee in this mug by Worldofnature, you may not be able to figure out what's going on here. It's a beautiful photograph of a zebra making a stunning abstract monochrome design. The animal is almost impossible to see even though it is right in front of you.

This Morphing Mug by Strive Designs features a bright and bold Rainbow Eyes pattern. Vibrant colors in an abstract polka dot pattern appear from behind solid black when you pour in your beverage.


  1. These are all lovely. I particularly like the little Nuthatch -- so sweet! :)

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